Company Profile

Our company boasts of multilingual tour guides, the company is registered in the category of Travel and Tourism with Durban Africa and Tourism KwaZulu-Natal with special interests in Tourist Guiding and impacting the knowledge of our past history, cultural and heritage abundance to the all visitors to Durban, we thereby expose and market Durban and its surrounding areas to tourists, we work with other institutions in KwaZulu-Natal involved in the tourism industry, e.g. vehicle hire, boat or charter companies, B and B’s, Hotels, etc.  Durban City Tour Guides concentrates on domestic tourists with a larger vision of providing similar experience to our inbound international tourists visiting our province.

We do different types of tours, City, Marine, Cultural and Heritage sites, Wildlife, and Educational tours. We link and network with other role players, if and when required, our guided tours have enabled the positioning of Durban and KwaZulu-Natal as a destination of choice to both domestic and  international in-bound tourists. We have selected our tours to increase the market share of tourism activities in our province and increase the number of foreign tourists visiting KZN.  Our Meet and Greet team are among the best in the industry.

Durban City Tour Guides' marketing strategy is to position Durban-KwaZulu-Natal as a safe, stable, and attractive destination. We aim to change the negative image and perception of KZN, through providing safety, security, and crime prevention information. We profile the importance of tourism in our social economic wellbeing by providing trained VIP protection tour guides.

The central location of our company offices means that guests have easy access to us while in Durban and surrounding areas. We are within walking distance from any part of the CBD, the Golden mile of sandy beaches, and have easy access to all major highways, and are fifteen minutes drive from Durban International airport.



To empower the previously disadvantaged people of Durban economically and in sustainable manner through conducting professional day and night tourist guiding in the City of Durban and the province of KwaZulu Natal in general, thereby encouraging a longer stay of tourists through activities that were formally limited by night, to generate more income from domestic / international tourists through regular contact with local-businesses and visits during peak and off-peak times.


To work with other institutions involved in the tourism industry in a manner that will generate income and job opportunities to the previously disadvantaged communities, and to be known as passionate, experienced and dependable tour guides.

Our Values

  • We look after our tourists.
  • We value the contribution of our people; we recognize them and appreciate them as well.
  • We strive for quality delivery of experience and service to both our local and international visitors.
  • We are committed to putting the province of KwaZulu Natal first as a preferred tourist destination in Africa.
  • In all our dealings we undertake to act with integrity so that people trust us.
  • Through our professionalism in travel and tourism, people will value dealing with us.
  • Team spirit is what makes our day in Durban City Tour Guides.

Durban City Tour School and Educational Tours